Types of yoga: know the most popular methods

In recent months, in a context of isolation due to the pandemic, yoga has been one of the most sought-after activities. After all, it can be performed in a small space and has many benefits for the mind, body, and heart. There are several types of yoga, however, and finding the one that best suits your personality can be a challenge.

Hatha Yoga

With an emphasis on direct postures and movements at a relaxed pace, with plenty of time for individual instructions, the Hatha Yoga is ideal for beginners. The poses can be easily modified to meet the needs of most people, including people with disabilities. If you are looking for a gentle introduction to yoga and without too much sweat, Hatha is a great choice.

Iyengar Yoga

If you're the type who likes details, Iyengar Yoga might be for you. With an emphasis on precise alignment, this strand delves into the anatomical details of each posture and incorporates the use of various accessories to place each practitioner in precise alignment before moving on to the next posture. Poses are typically performed for long periods of time, with an emphasis on quality rather than quantity, in an individual session. It's a style that requires patience and focus.

Yoga Vinyasa

The Vinyasa Yoga classes promote a lot of movement and all the postures are done to the rhythm of the breath. This style is great for those who want to burn off energy during class because it doesn't stop in a posture for a long time and the pace is faster. It is a great choice for athletes and exercise practitioners in general.

Power Yoga

By focusing on the physical rather than the spiritual side, this type of yoga often omits the spiritual part of the practice. Power Yoga aims to generate heat, to move quickly from one difficult posture to another, and can burn as many calories as intense aerobic exercise.