Abdominal: 3 types to lose belly, lose weight and more

The abdomen is one of the exercises that helps you achieve a flat stomach. In addition, abdominal exercises also contribute to the loss of steps and improve physical fitness. But physical educators point out that most people do abdominal activities inappropriately, which can lead to injuries primarily to the spine.

Traditional abdominal

How to do it: Lie down and flex your legs, keeping your knees pointed towards the ceiling. Keep your feet firmly on the floor, in line with your hips. Put your hands over your ears. Lift your torso with only the strength of your abdominal muscles slowly as if you are going to touch your chest to your knees but don't touch it, keeping your torso diagonally. Return to the starting position and repeat the process. This is the most suitable type of abdomen for beginners, as the movement is simple and promises positive results.

Infra abdominal

How to do it: Lie down with your spine firmly on the floor and your arms extended out to the sides. If desired, place your hands with your palms on the floor below your lower back to enhance safety against spinal injuries. Extend your legs slowly, keeping them as straight as possible. Lower them and repeat the movement. Since you have to lift your legs off the ground, the weight of your legs falls on your stomach, which strengthens your abdominal muscles in addition to lifting your legs, you have to contract your abdominal region.

Abdominal oblique

How to do it: Lie down and keep your entire spine pressed down on the floor or mat. Place your hands on your head, near your ears. Bend your knees about 45 °. Touch your left knee with your right elbow. Then touch your right knee with your left elbow. Alternate movements according to the number of repetitions and recommended sets.