Bodybuilding: definitions and its benefits

If you want to treat muscle injuries, define muscle, or even lose weight in a calm environment with professional monitoring, weight training may be an option. Sport is able to burn calories during and after exercise, which is very beneficial for those who want good shape.

What is bodybuilding

Strength training is an exercise that consists of lifting weights, either with dumbbells or with specific machines. Its objective is the hypertrophy of the muscles. However, the right execution of the exercises and a few tips make the difference to get the best results. And so, that explains why your friend, who started exercising at the same time as you, already has a much more defined body. The benefits of strength training are legion, check out a few.

Helps you lose weight

For the performance of the exercises, weight training requires calorie expenditure, energy expenditure and high consumption of oxygen, which speeds up the metabolism and reduces the amount of body fat. With weight loss, there is less overload on the joints and risk of muscle injury, in addition to preventing obesity and providing a better quality of life due to the lower risk of diseases (such as heart attacks. and diabetes).

Makes the bones stronger

The increase in bone density ensures strong and healthy bones. In turn, strengthening bones prevents diseases (such as osteoporosis), reduces the risk of fractures and falls, increases strength and endurance, and maintains body stability. It should be remembered that osteoporosis (a disease that causes reduction in bone mass) affects one in five women after menopause and has no symptoms. Therefore, disease prevention through strength training is essential.