Three tips for getting started exercising

World Physical Activity Day on April 6 draws attention to the importance of physical activity for health. Put aside the sedentary lifestyle and reap the good rewards that regular physical activity provides for our body and mind. Adhering to the practice of physical activities, at least three times a week, is up to us.

Try different possibilities and at different times

Take a walk, try running, dance, try sports, do water aerobics, weight training, swim, or see other alternatives at a gym or in your community. When physical activity is a protective factor for the sanctuary, it is important that these different methods of physical activity become a habit. Therefore, experimenting with different possibilities is a very good strategy. Experiment until you know what time of the day you feel most willing, or when that best fits your routine.

Start with low loads

Try to acquire unites the physical little to the little one. In the past, it was necessary to maintain a pleasant feeling when exercising during exercise. With the sequence of activities, you can increase the exercise loads a little. But, start with low loads and gradually increase to provide better conditioning to the body, until you reach the point where you will have a health benefit. If you already start wanting to do a lot, you may not feel pleasure and become demotivated.

Don't over-plan

Put on your clothes, put on a comfortable shoe, and get started. Too much planning, waiting for this or that can demotivate you and keep you from starting. You will always postpone it, if you plan too much. Felt the need, start, go for a walk. The next day, try something different, but just do it. The sooner this regular practice happens, the better for your health.